Proud to be working with our partners.

At Loved and Curly we have a strong belief in working with others. We feel it is important to share skills and knowledge, and pull together great products. In our first year we have been proud to make links and work with some curly hair product experts. Namely: Soap For Little Suds, Jim and Henry, and the award winning Shedid & Parrish. While we are keen to provide a selection of quality products to our wonderful customer; we also have huge hopes in our work with local authorities to provide advice, and guidance to children in care and foster carers around how to care for and be proud of their curly hair. Educating services and families on how that pride, confidence and happiness can be achieved is very important to us.  Loved and Curly is privileged to be working with Shedid & Parrish, Soap For Little Suds, and Jim and Henry to be in a position to offer a selection of successful and quality hair products. We are pleased to be able to offer mini/samples of some of these excellent products. Sometimes it is easy to forget how the smallest things can open up a whole wide world of joy, understanding and belonging. 

Below are some of the awards Shedid & Parrish have been accumulating this year. Congratulations indeed to a truly wonderful and deserving product. We know these products were created from the heart, and we are delighted to see how passion can be recognised and rewarded.